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She lost control again

A duel of personalities, that stretch all true realities.

20 October 1977
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the girl in the mirror

Dark haired, deadly pale, icy cold, two dogs and a cat, not enough space to store her clothes, childish, patologically untidy, lazy, egomaniac, a bit out of her mind, tends to be obsessed, fashion victim, sometimes evil,sassy and bossy.Most of the time the sweet girl ever no,not me the one in the mirror...

Likes and Dislikes

Lovesher boyfriend even when she can't stand him, playing with her dogs, writing,drawing,making silly pics of herself,sixties make up,shopping,cinema,tv shows,cooking,playing bass guitar even though she's crappy at that, her macbook ruby,chatting late at night,plot and conspire to take over the world or pretty blue eyed boys,drinking champagne, eating sushi,music as a companion,the tardis who wouldn't want a tardis??,her adorbale nieces the virtues malfoy,her nano,her daughter,thepoo,mabelle, and costolina,her sweet little teo even when he talks endlessly,plotting with her sister,writing in bars with marcycas,fancy makeup items like ysl faux cils cause it smells good, spreading the rumour David Bowie is really God and actually believing it, saying " I have a big glitteerd shiny pink momo over my head,the word "decurtare", being childish and spoiled, her snobbish attitude ,being skinny and of course writing this pile of nonsense crap on my lj profile.hatesto be bored, bad taste,cheap wine,hypocricy,people who pretend to be what they are not, liars,spiders,most of italian music,to be touched,loud voices,crowded places, people breathing around me,rps fic,creepyness,emo,always whining people,yellow cause makes me look like I have epathitis,family arguing.

amber benson, andy warhol, angelina jolie, anne rice, armani, bassethounds, bauhaus, being human, bellatrix lestrange, bellatrix/rabastan, billie piper, blackcest, blair waldorf, blixa bargeld, bones, bones and booth, books, boyd holbrook, bret easton ellis, brothers and sisters, buffy the vampire slayer, cassandra clare, cats, champagne, chatting late at night, chuck bass, chuck/blair, claire bennet, cocteau twins, cooking, dan/serena, david bowie, david lynch, david tennant, death in june, depeche mode, dior, diva destruction, doctor who, dorama, draco/pansy, drawing, echo and the bunnymen, eddie redmayne, edie sedgwick, editors, eva green, fancy clothes, fanfic, french, friday night lights, galliano, glam, glam rock, god child, good stories, gossip girl, gothic, graphics, gus van sant, heroes, ian/wanda, icons, iggy pop, interpol, jared padalecki, jared/melanie, jensen ackles, jonathan rhys meyers, josh holloway, joy division, joyce carol oates, julie taylor, justin, justin/rebecca, kate bush, kate moss, katie cassidy, kristen bell, kubrick, lilly kane, lindsay lohan, london, london after midnight, lou reed, louis garrel, love, lucia extebarria, manga, marc jacobs, musical, musicians, nana, natalie merchant, nathan petrelli, new wave, nick cave, nico, nine inch nails, nora walker, nouvelle vague, oguri shun, paire, pearl jam, peter petrelli, pj harvey, rachel mc adams, reading, rebecca, rping, ryan gosling, sam/ruby, scarlett johansson, seely booth, serial killers, sharks, shoes, shopping in paris, sienna miller, siouxie and the banshees, sixties, skins, spike, spuffy, supernatural, sushi, ten/rose, the cure, the dreamers, the host, the killers, the rolling stones, the sisters of mercy, the smiths, the stooges, the tudors, threesomes, tim riggins, tim/julie, tori amos, tuxedomoon, twiggy ramirez, vampires, velvet underground, veronica mars, vivienne westwood, vodka sour, weeds, writing, zachary quinto